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Random things…

March 5, 2007

Not much time but I wanted to get a few things down on ‘paper’-

  • Caroline and Rob were looking at pictures on the computer this afternoon and saw lots of pictures of Gran’Dad. Rob said, ‘I sure miss Gran’Dad.’ Caroline replied, “I miss him too but we probably don’t miss him as much as Mommy does. He was Mommy’s Daddy.” The child is only three and a half and she is truly remarkable. Sometimes I just can’t believe how caring and insightful she is…
  • Katherine has started to crawl away from us when she is doing something she shouldn’t be- it is so coy and so cute. Often, she will have something in her mouth (like a miscroscopic piece of dirt she has somehow found) and she will crawl, while looking over her shoulder until she has swallowed it…She might just end up having some spunk in her after all!
  • We were at church this morning- the whole family which in itself is a rather long story for another day- and Katherine was seeking out people for attention and smiles. Everywhere she looked, she would grin at people until they acknowledged her. Now this behavior is really cute but it becomes even more so based on the fact that Rob used to do this all the time when he was a baby- she really is Daddy’s little girl!

Excuse me, Mommy

March 2, 2007

We spent the better part of last week treating Katherine’s fever. With a ten month old, that involved medicating her whenever she seemed fussy and enough time had passed since the last dose. Really there was no way to know if she really needed it with crying and laughing being her primary forms of communication- fortunately for her and us, more of the latter than the former. This week, Caroline has a fever. Last night, we gave her Motrin before bed and crossed our fingers. I was awoken at 2am to Caroline standing by the side of our bed saying (and I am not kidding!), “Excuse me, Mommy. I need some more Motrin.” The manners and the accuracy of the information would have been astounding at 10am never mind in the middle of the night. She was very fevery and certainly in need of Motrin. How amazing it is. The girls are less than three years apart. In that amount of time, these little people go from tears to polite requests. What an amazing thing this is…