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Eight Things

July 31, 2007

 I was so excited when Caroline tagged me to participate- I feel like I have really joined the blogosphere! Huh- joined the blogsphere except I just realized I have no idea how to link here to her site- anyone who is reading this and knows, would you mind sharing? Thanks! 

Here are the rules:

First, I am to publish the rules:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.
 Here are eight things… 

  1. I spent the first three years of my life living on Long Island. I was nearly 10 when I lost my NY accent when speaking certain words like dog and bowl.
  2. My “real” name is Constance.
  3. I ran straight into a house when learning to drive. I haven’t driven stick shift since.
  4. I am allergic to penicillin.
  5. My favorite food is ice cream.
  6. I am terrified of undercooking chicken. I had food poisoning once at sleep away camp and will never forget it…
  7. I can’t swim under water without holding my nose.
  8. Recently, I am spending more time reading blogs than reading books- I need to balance this again- I am off now to read more of a great book- Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.”


Ok- will have to post my tags later as I am having the link problem…


My Smart Girl

July 28, 2007

We have lost all of our pool toys. I seem to have left at least one at the pool each time we have gone which has resulted in our now having none. This has not been intentional but it has happened. Often, we are leaving the pool in a panic- Caroline must go now, Katherine has just pooped- you get the idea. Anyway, the last thing I often have time to do is dive into the deep end to retrieve the missing penguin. So today, we were down to zero. At one point, Caroline said to me, “We have no toys. We will just have to make our own fun.” I laughed and laughed and then thought what a great blog entry this would be. My smart girl who has such a good sense of plain, old fun… I wish the story could end there… Shortly after, I was telling Rob the story, so proud of Caroline. Turns out, he had told her that very thing earlier in the morning. Oh well… Maybe next time…

A Quiet Birthday Party

July 28, 2007

 Caroline and I went to a princess birthday party today for one of Caroline’s best friends. At one point, a few of the other moms and I looked around and realized that all of the girls were sitting at the table, eating pizza and talking amongst themselves- no screaming, no crying, no pizza needing to be cut a special way- just visiting. Suddenly, we realized that we too were just visiting. There were certainly many days when this whole thing would have seemed impossible. Time truly does change things…


July 26, 2007

Many people who read the following post will think it is written by a raving madwoman. Some people will understand. I am knocking on wood as I write this…. Caroline has slept until close to 6 for a week. Some days, like today, she has slept until 6:15. One day last week, we even made it until 6:30. When she has woken earlier, she has stayed in her room until 6:15, our agreed upon acceptable time to exit. Last night, I went out for dinner with friends and did not go to sleep unitl 10:30- very late for me. I did not open my eyes again until 5:55 when my bladder woke me- not my children. We need to keep our fingers crossed because we all are sure happier, smarter, funnier…


July 24, 2007

A few days ago, a summer storm blew through and took our electricity with it. We were only without power for a few hours, during day light. It was just long enough to read, go out for a rare mid-week dinner “at a restaurant” (as Caroline likes to say) and play games. We didn’t have time to use candles, loose the coolness of air conditioning or shower without the ability to blow dry our hair. On the way home from dinner, we drove by houses where I had rarely seen people coming and going. Outside of these homes, on this night, we saw children playing, with sticks. These must have been the same children who were usually being shuttled back and forth from sports practice and then home to their televisions and computers. On this night they were using sticks to be knights or baseball players or whatever… they were playing in the yard with each other. We drove a block further and had to stop to let a mother and son ride by on their bikes. A second later we had to stop for another parent-child biking duo. I know I must be careful what I wish for, but I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps, we would do well to loose power just a little bit more often…

You’re doing great!

July 22, 2007

I was running late this morning with both girls in the double stroller and the sun blaring down. I tend to run much better early in the morning- before I have the chance to eat and drink too much or too little and before the day gets too hot. I also run well without the stroller. Needless to say, the deck was stacked against me this morning. I was doing ok but not feeling so strong. Then, I ran by a family- a woman with her husband who was pushing their baby in a stroller. She shouted out, “You’re doing great!” as if she was standing on the sidelines and I was running the marathon. I almost cried. So rare today are the purely kind and encouraging comments from family and friends, never mind, strangers. This woman knew how hard it is for moms to keep themselves physically fit while tending to the happiness of little ones. She gave me support in such a simply way by shouting out just a few words. I have spent the rest of the day thinking, “You know, I am doing great.” What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday. I am going to make it my goal to give a shout out to a friend or a stranger as often as I can. Let’s all remind each other of how great we all really are doing everyday….


July 19, 2007

Our chicken saga is over. The chicken has hatched. My mixing bowl is back in the rotation- after a rigourous cleaning. And most importantly, Caroline seems to understand how slimy he is. He has remained on the kitchen counter with no mention from our little farmer about bathing him…


July 17, 2007

We are growing a chicken in our kitchen. More appropriately, I suppose, I should say, Caroline is growing a chicken in our kitchen. I am just grossed out by the chicken in the kitchen. Carol (my mother in law), who always gives very great gifts, who always checks ahead of time, who never gives us things we don’t need or want, gave Caroline an egg that hatches into a fake chicken. Gross. The directions say it should hatch in a bowl of water within 24 to 48 hours. Needless to say, we are on day 8. ‘Why not help the little guy along?’ you might be wondering. Well, I did and that was when I realized just how gross the whole experiment was. The feeling of the chicken is much like I imagine my eye would feel if I poked it with my finger- something that might be more fun that having one of my mixing bowls filled with a fake chicken. The real problem becomes that once he has hatched, I will have to deal with the fact that Caroline thinks the chicken is going to replace the duck named Cindy (after one of Rob’s colleagues) in the bath tub. I’m just not sure if the slimy chicken-duck is grosser in my mixing bowl or in the bathtub…

Pleasant news

July 15, 2007

For those of you who are familiar with the trials of Caroline’s early rising and the resulting bad moods of mother and daughter…good news!! Caroline has slept until 6:30 (or a six and a three as she likes to say…) for the past two days. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this may sound crazy but just know that it is wonderful and keep your fingers crossed for a trend…


July 13, 2007

Today I had a “gum procedure.” I don’t recommend it. A periodontist took human donor tissue and sewed it onto both sides of my thinning bottom gums. My mouth is swollen, it hurts and I’m hungry. Before I went, the girls and I went to the grocery store where I purchased lots of food. Apparently, I was really in denial about this whole thing because I bought lots of food that I can’t eat and none that I could- Rob went to the store twice this afternoon to find things that might work… As we were leaving, a clerk told us to have a nice day. I said, “I will.” Caroline said, “Mom, you might have a bad day. You are having your gums worked on.” Right she was…