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Writing Motherhood

September 24, 2007

I know it had been awfully quiet on this front lately. On top of the whole moving thing, I have taken on an exciting project which is leading to more writing overall but less blog writing. A few months ago I discovered the book Writing Motherhood ( and just loved it. I remember reading on the book jacket that the author taught classes in Ridgewood, NJ. I actually remember thinking how lucky the moms of that community were to have such a great opportunity. This was before we had any inkling of this move… Well, here we are now and I am one of those lucky moms. Every Tuesday at 9:30, I drop Caroline and Katherine off at the childcare at the YWCA and head up stairs for an hour and a half of “me time.” The class is just fantastic- moms like me with little ones, moms with highschoolers, grandmothers and mothers who wish they would soon be grandmothers. We talk and write and share and listen. I couldn’t be having more fun. I am off to write my Mother Pages for the day…


Busy, busy, busy…

September 13, 2007

I am still here. Every night I mean to sit down and get back on my blogging track… Moving really is a crazy thing. I now see why it tops the list of stressful things- there is just so much to do. On top of it, we are starting a new school year and all that entails. I also have signed us up for all sorts of classes for the girls- this is not something I have done in the past few years but figured it was a good way to make new friends- it is actually working but it is also taking tons of time. So anyway, nothing original to say tonight but am just trying to get back to it. I’m now off to try and finally finish Harry Potter- it has been weeks…

The Naked Introduction

September 5, 2007

We have fantastic new neighbors. Everyone seems really outgoing, friendly and inclusive. Last night, one such neighbor was included a bit more than he had intended. Until last evening we had only met the mom, Julie  and her little girl, Grace. They heard us  outside playing after dinner last night and came over for a short visit. After they left, I sent Caroline upstairs to get ready for her bath. When Julie arrived at home, her husband, Mark had just returned from work and she sent him over to introduce himself. Literally, the moment he walked into our back yard, a completely naked Caroline streaked out of the house and ran straight up our slide. I wonder if we will ever see the friendly neighbors again?

Still here…

September 4, 2007

Just letting you all know that we are still here- exhausted and finally beginning to see the floor through the boxes- moving is no fun! Will hope to post a true update soon.