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March 25, 2008

Caroline and Katherine spent a lot of Easter afternoon blowing bubbles on the deck at Rob’s parents. For some reason, Caroline decided that she could make a wish for each bubble she was able to catch in her bubble wand. Listening to each whispered wish was such a window into her thoughts… A collection of her wishes… I wish I could have sweets all the time, I wish I could have a deck like Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, I wish Mommy would never yell. As she said the last one, she looked up at me bold and guilty. Hiding my tears, I told her that was a very important wish and that I heard her. She smiled. The next day she asked if we could have bubbles at home, “So that I can make some more important wishes.” What a humbling and yes, important lesson. I can’t wait to hear what comes with the next caught bubble.


Still here…

March 21, 2008

So you know you haven’t posted in a long time when Word Press lists your last post written as “Awhile ago”, certainly not yesterday, not even last week but awhile ago… We have been a family plagued by the flu (the fever, achey, chills, headachey kind) and it has really made us pretty dysfunctional. The scary part is that (knock on wood!!) the girls have stayed healthy- it has just been the grown-ups. Rob got it first so I lost a bunch of days taking care of him and then I got it while he did his best to take care of me while still feeling sick himself. I keep crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be better… more writing when that becomes the case…

March 2, 2008

This post is written in response to the prompt “Time Travel” at Sunday Scribblings. I was introduced to this great site and concept by a fun new friend I met in my writing class- she also has a fun blog you can find here Chefdruck.

Time Travel: This prompt reminded me of the painful experience of trying to write about smells in my wonderful Writing Motherhood class. I have heard time and time again about how smell is meant to trigger the most powerful memories. In our class, we read writings by authors consumed with this sense of smell- stories of women being taken back, time and time again to years earlier by a simple smell. I thought and thought about smells that I associated with childhood- none really came. The irony of this is how much of my life as a mother has been filled with smell- not the seeking of it but rather the avoidance. Part of Caroline’s sensory integration issues revolve around her freakishly strong sense of smell. She is so often repelled by smells that I cannot detect. I have finally learned to say not, “What smell?”- this triggers further anger, but instead, “Oh, honey, that must be one those smells that only you can smell.” We then work to figure out the smell so it can be removed. In doing this I wonder if I am creating a similarly smell-less world- I don’t wear perfume, avoid using scented products in the house, stray away from particularly fragrant foods. I wonder if one day, my daughter who has such a strong sense of smell will actually look back on her childhood wondering where all the smells were…


March 1, 2008

The girls and I went to one of those indoor playground places this week. Really and truly, minus the germs (ball pit=yuck!), it is my dream come true- Caroline is really at her happiest when spinning upside down, running or swinging- all things she finds ways to do inside if necessary so an indoor playground has been great. During warm and sunny times, we go to the “real” playground nearly every day but this New Jersey winter has been a shock to our system and our schedule. Of course, Caroline plays outdoors with little clothing on and stays perfectly warm- Katherine and I on the other hand get grumpy and frigid quickly… 

So all this brings me back to our afternoon at In the Swing. It was relatively uncrowded and the girls were relatively independent, giving me a chance to people watch. In watching and thinking (perhaps too much!), I decided that mothering styles can be pretty well summed up by your playground behavior. For the majority of the time we were there, two other families were with us. One of the moms, played the entire time with her son- he was probably three- she ran, played hide and seek, tickled and allowed him to crash into her, watching him laugh hysterically when she fell onto the cushy mat. She really seemed to be enjoying herself- one of those kid at heart people that you often hear about but rarely see. The other mom sat and read a magazine. I kept trying to make my way over to her and ask her how old her kids were- when could I come here and read a magazine. I am still pretty hands-on in these places- I’m not the hide and seek type but instead the less fun version of the over involved mom, the “watch it”, “slow down” mom. At the end of our stay, I finally saw the magazine mom with her kids- one slightly older than Caroline and hey, wait a minute- one Katherine’s age. It made me realize that if I wasn’t going to be hide and seek mom, perhaps I should stop being grumpy, overprotective mom and make the leap straight and directly to magazine mom. My mind is already racing… perhaps even book mom- is it possible- I’ll let you know!