Last week, I was contacted by Lisa Garrigues, the wonderful author who has been teaching my Writing Motherhood class. The paperback version of her book is being released on May 6th. She knew I spent a lot of time in the Mommy Blog world- writing and reading- and she wanted help getting the word out about her book. Another student and I met with her this weekend, my partner and I met last night and I have spent a fair amount of Katherine’s nap time working on our project. It is amazing to me the energy I derive from having a task- a task, that while overwhelming in it’s own scope, can be written down on a piece of paper and eventually checked off. I am not tired today, I am not twiddling my thumbs, I am not making laundry folding into a marathon to “kill time.” I have a meaningful project to complete.

What is so interesting to me is how this compares to my daily task of mothering. Certainly mothering is meaningful work, important work and overwhelming work. Perhaps, I could feel equally inspired by my daily tasks if I simply wrote them down on a list- Tomorrow’s list, for example, could read: 1. Insure there is plenty of laughter in the day 2. Instill a love of reading in Caroline and Katherine 3. Provide meals and snacks that will lead to a healthy adulthood 4. Create caring and loving individuals 5. Provide for the constant physical and emotional safety of children. Huh- perhaps I need to think through this strategy or be prepared to hold onto this list for 20 years when I can decide what can be checked off and what needs to be re-addressed or maybe Lisa will come out with a new book!


2 Responses to “Work”

  1. chefdruck Says:

    I LOVE your list. Particularly having plenty of laughter in the day. That’s a great goal.

  2. Ginny Says:

    AMEN SISTER! I think it all goes back to being a mother is a lifetime job, not one that can be put on hold or ends in a timely fashion. BUT, as a side note, I LOVE my daily TO DO lists and they sometimes are what keeps me going each day! I even put stuff on the list I have already completed simply to have something to check off the list, like Take kids to school or take a shower.

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