So Katherine has been a very late talker- she turned 2 on Thursday (Happy B’day!) and is just starting to put things together. Because I am a speech pathologist, she has been receiving services since slightly after her first birthday. She showed very clear signs of having a motor speech disorder called Apraxia that is much better treated earlier rather than later- like most things… Anyway, I will write more about this at some point- maybe at the same point that I organize myself well enough to write about Caroline’s sensory processing disorder- I’m afraid I’m falling prey to perfectionism on both of these topics- I keep thinking that I want to write very deep and thoughtful things and therefore I am doing nothing…

Anyway, we are seeing such great improvements with Katherine as demonstrated by the following two examples- my favorites of the moment:

  • Last night, Katherine was playing the piano and singing the following song, “I love you Mommy!, I love you Mommy!- I’m really not kidding!
  • This morning, she ate a ton of yogurt and Rob said, “Wow, you sure are a hungry hippo!” and she looked at him and said, “Not hippo, girl.”

Yeah Katherine!




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