Babysitting co-op

When we moved to Ridgewood, one of the very first people I missed was my babysitter. I certainly missed all of our friends too but suddenly finding new friends seemed infinitely easier than finding a babysitter. It appeared that in our town, people were either so rich they had au pairs or they were so house poor from trying to live in this great community with fantastic schools, that they never hired help. While I love my children a lot, it became very clear to me, very early on, that I would need a fair amount of babysitter help- I just seemed to need a break, pretty regularly! We had the most wonderful sitters in Richmond- we seemed to get lucky again and again and again- our last sitter really felt like a member of our family. Fortunately, I found a great friend who had been in a long standing babysitting co-op in the Chicago area. We started a co-op that is thriving here- 16 families and growing. Now for the funny part, we have a quartley meeting of the co-op tonight- I forgot to tell Rob who has a meeting that he couldn’t reschedule- can you see where this is going… I have a babysitter here so that I can go to my babysitting co-op meeting!


One Response to “Babysitting co-op”

  1. caroline Says:

    I’m so glad you started your co-op! I love ours. And happy (belated) birthday to Katherine!!

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