Joke’s on me…

I have always been so careful to limit the girls activities- one thing for each of them, if that. I just didn’t want to become one of those crazed moms who was driving from one scheduled activity to the next. Well, I lost my cool a few weeks ago- Caroline had an event with her classmates after school at this adorable children’s art studio. I brought Katherine with me and as soon as I saw how excited she was, I signed her up for a class. This was on top of her music class and suddenly we added yoga to Caroline’s week that had previously only included gymnastics. When these activities run their course, I am going back to my original plan and today Katherine reminded me why… It was time to leave for art class so I said, “Katherine, it’s time for PlayArt!” She looked up at me, clapped and said, “Water cup!” In addition to having great paints, brushes, glitter, sand tables and chalk, you see, PlayArt also has a water cooler. Apparently, the plastic water cups with cool, refreshing water are actually the hit of the art class- I think next time, I can save our family a whole lot of money and bring a thermos to the park!


2 Responses to “Joke’s on me…”

  1. sara Says:

    hey stacey! i check this from time to time — you’re so fun to read! this reminded me of my friend leslie, who took months to plan her family’s trip to disneyworld. it was a huge financial stressor for them, but something they wanted to do while their kids were young, so they were determined to make it a trip to remember. they toured all the theme parks several times, spent $150+ on a breakfast with cinderella in herc castle, etc. imagine her dismay when, at the end of the trip, she and her husband asked their two girls what their favorite part of the week was … and they immediately chimed together, “THE HOTEL POOL!”

  2. Mom Says:

    From above: Do you remember a similar trip…..favority part “The Hotel Gift Shop”!

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